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We help turn regular people into quant market wizards.

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1.Earn money selling your signals of your strategies
Publish your strategies. Perform well and Get paid.
We have 1,000+ strategies for every financial goal
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2. Diferent ways to submit your trade
Web, API, zipline plattform.
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3.Offer autotrading to clients
Make your strategy "auto-tradable" instantly.
One single click for connections to the broker.
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5.Manage your business
You trade. We take care of the rest.
Awesome subscriber management tools, Tell your subscribers why and how it works.
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3.Trade what you want
Whatever you trade, we've got you covered.
Stocks, futures, Options & crypto.
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6.Protect your intellectual property.
Reveal what you want: Nothing
Your edge and secret trading sauce remains with you.


Automated trading so simple, even humans can use it.

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1.Choose a trade genius
Study the stats. Read the reviews
1000+ strategies ranked and rated
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2.Select your broker
We work with brokers you know and trust.
Your money never can leave your broker account.
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3.Set your trade size
You control what percentage of your account is traded
Who says size doesn't matter?
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4.Turn it on
Your broker account trades automatically.
1000+ strategies at your finger tips
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5.Stay in control
Monitor trades in real time
Turn the strategies on and off in real-time
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6.Share your results
We have 1000's members
Share which strategies work, and which don't

How It Works for Quants?

Build Algorithms in your own tools or in a Browser IDE, using our cloud platform and using our Free Data sources

1. Signup & start coding
with a powerful IDE tool

Designing an algorithm couldn't be easier. There are only two required functions and we take care of everything else! You just Initialize() your strategy and handle() the data-events you requested.

  • Research using a variety of data sources
  • Write your algorithm in your browser
  • Live trading using Interactive Brokers (RobinHood coming soon)

2. Sit and Relex
Automate your your Finance

Grow your Wealth by automatically systematizing your finances

  • Using our cloud hosted Python environment with zipline engine
  • Backtest your strategy over historical data and start live trading
  • Sit back and Relax

3. Rent your strategy while Live Trading your algos

While you run your strategies in live trading you can earn Zip coins for your signals

  • Rent your strategies and get Zip coins
  • Redeem Zip coins for free Hosting or cash
  • You own your algorithms. Your algorithms are kept secret when you Rent

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Get the plan that best suits your needs, Signup to unlock powerful features and super charge your algorithm development



  • 3 Parallel Backtests
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Quote Data
  • No API Access
  • No Live Trading
  • Community Support


  • 10 Parallel Backtests
  • 12 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Quote Data
  • No API Access
  • Free 512Mb Live Server
  • Email Support


  • Unlimited Parallel Backtests
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Free Quote Data & Fundamental data
  • 4 x Free 1024Mb Live Server
  • API Access
  • 1hr/Mo Phone Support

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